Top 5 Destinations to Get Your Summer Tan

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Sun, sand and sea! Summer is around the corner and a beach vacation is a must!  Just take a moment and imagine, being surrounded by palm trees, panoramic views, crystal blue oceans while basking in the sun and getting a perfectly golden tan, taking in each moment as you sip on a delicious cocktail…If this sounds like you, keep reading! There are plenty of great places to bask in the sun, so if sunbathing and getting nice and bronzed is a priority for you this summer then check out this suggested list of places to go. Just remember to pack plenty of sun screen, your sunglasses and a swimming costume because things are about to get hot!

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Insider's Guide To The Middle East

Home to history & grand architecture, the Middle East is ranked high on any avid traveller’s list! We’re obsessed with the Middle East, with each city offering a unique point of interest that has both locals and visitors crazed!

Here’s what we think you simply mustn’t miss on your next visit to the Middle East!


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How to do Singapore in 48 Hours

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“Damn, Indonesia is wonderful.”  This saying couldn’t be truer!  For a country just two-thirds the size of New York City, Singapore packs quite a punch, offering an array of entertainment, shopping and dining options.  Add a super-efficient (not to mention economical) transport system, and it’s possible to visit most of Singapore’s top sights and key neighbourhoods in  48 hours.  To make your planning easier, we’ve come up with a two-day itinerary that could turn your layover into a purposeful stay-over. Oh,  and  it's worth buying a Singapore Tourist Pass for unlimited bus and train rides for 1-3 days. Grab one at Changi Airport or TransitLink Ticket Offices, or buy online before you depart.

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The best of Mauritius! All-inclusive Island family resorts you have to visit this summer


You’ve made the decision. Paradise is calling your name, and you are going to answer. Mauritius… here we come! 

Amidst the palm trees and ocean breezes, however, you can easily lose track of your expenses – which is why we suggest you go for an all-inclusive option when booking your trip of a lifetime to Mauritius.

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Hvar, Croatia


- by Luana Visagie

While sailing along the Croatian coastline, one spot supersedes the previous in terms of beauty and Hvar is no exception when it comes to being a Dalmatian island of immense natural beauty.  This Renaissance-era port town personifies Croation summer holidays with its Mediterranean feel,  beaches, olive trees and endless fields of lavender it is synonymous with.   After arriving by way of a tender boat from Le Lyrial, the cruise ship I was on, I found myself smack bang in the middle of ‘it all’ and walking around the island was the perfect way to see the Franciscan town of Hvar.   The walking tour gave me a great introduction to this small and charming town located around a natural port which boasts many splendid monuments such as the Cathedral, the ancient Arsenal and various palaces which bear witness to a rich history of gothic and renaissance arts.

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