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Have you ever dreamed of a cloud forest ,a luscious green environment, hardly habited, a peaceful place with something so new and exciting you have not even dreamed it yet, then let us take you on a new exploration trip of semi untrodden finds….to the 3rd longest waterfall in the world ,The Keulap , a pre Columbian settlement on top of the Andes...

Japan blends a mix of traditional & ultra-modern in Tokyo, temples & geishas in Kyoto, & culinary delights in Osaka. Robot bars, too-big-for-the-bowl udon, & a visit to Hakone with a view of Mt. Fuji will introduce you to the land known for its down-to-the-second precision.

A spectacular adventure through the Highlands & magical Isle of Skye with stunning scenery, incredible history & some unique & unforgettable experiences. Go monster hunting on Loch Ness, hike in one of the last great wildernesses of Europe, ride the train which inspired Harry Potter's 'Hogwarts Express', hear tales of Scotland’s bloody...

Roll into Greece for endless sun, sand & paradise vibes. Navigate the azure waters, make plenty of swim stops, then head ashore to embrace island life (which is as picture-perfect as you can imagine). Think: quaint towns, ancient ruins, buzzing nightlife & irresistible dishes. Did we mention gyros? Jump aboard, find your sea legs & set sail for...

Yahoo! It’s Euro trip time. Take in all the highlights of the continent with this classic bucket list itinerary, taking you from Italy to Switzerland, France and finishing in Amsterdam. This is the perfect trip for those who want to get straight into it, don’t delay this adventure any longer.

7 nights exploring the culture & beaches of Bali

Delve into the soul of the ancient Mayans. Cities of stone, the landmarks of Chichén Itza and Edzná now abandoned and creeping through the dense rainforests of the Yucatán-home to sun, sea and the glories of an ancient civilisation which once ruled Central America then mysteriously disappeared.

Trace the idyllic lakes, Renaissance cities, lush countryside & ancient heritage of Italy's historic centres of Venice, Florence & Rome, with stops in feisty Naples, Assisi & the elegant cliff-side village of Sorrento to catch up on Italy's café culture.

Swap beaches for snow-capped mountains, switch sunburns with cosy bars, and trade your frisbee for a pair of ice skates! Eastern Europe in winter is far cooler than your sand-ridden beach vacation. You can show off your sexy knitwear on a pub-crawl in Krakow, get steamy in the thermal baths of Budapest, and admire the beautifully fairy-light-lit...

Explore the imperial twin cities of St. Petersburg & Moscow as they are today & their influence over the centuries & a fascinating encounter with the iconic sites of the Hermitage Museum, Tsar's Winter Palace, Red Square & the Kremlin.

Yahoo! It’s Euro trip time. Take in all the highlights of the continent with this classic bucket list itinerary, taking you from Amsterdam to Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France and back again. The perfect trip for those who want to get straight into it, there’s no point in delaying this adventure any longer.

Yes, Indonesia has beaches, surfing, diving, & resorts great & small, but it's the essence of Indonesia – & the people – that makes it so much more than just a fun-in-the-sun retreat.

You're in for a gezellig time in the land of all things orange. But there's far more to this little country with a lot of heart for you to enjoy. Trace the steps of the Dutch Masters, ramble through rainbow fields & explore centuries-old maritime heritage, ending your Dutch discovery with Dignie & Gina in their Groningen farmhouse.

Mountains & monuments dot your route from London to Rome. Admire Munich's musical Glockenspiel in Marienplatz, take an exhilarating journey through an Alpine highway & marvel at St. Mark's Square in Venice, with stops in Rome, Lucerne & Paris.

Capturing the astounding natural beauty of the Canadian Rockies from magnificent snowcapped mountains to glistening glacial lakes this trip will leave you breathless. Marvel at the wonderful scenery offered by the National Parks & get acquainted with mountain towns & their stunning backdrops before you head from sky to sea into beautiful British...

Poland has survived centuries of conflict to emerge as a proud, independent country, ready to assume her new role in modern history. Visitors to Poland are discovering what the locals have long known, that Poland is a country rich in fine culture, scenic landscapes & extraordinary historical sites. Whether exploring the nation’s vibrant cities,...

With so much to see & do, one of the best things about travelling Europe in winter is the serious lack of crowds. Enjoy Europe ‘all to yourself’ as you flit between France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany & Netherlands, where elegant capitals are blanketed in snow & festive cheer is as common as hand-knitted scarves.

A jewel in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is jam-packed with ancient sites, fascinating culture, beautiful wilderness & idyllic beaches. From ancient Anuradhapura city & the well-preserved Polonnaruwa ruins, to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic & the impressive Sigiriya rock fortress, Sri Lankan culture spans more than 2,000 years & still remains...

If trips were like courses at a dinner party, the European Discovery would be the appetiser. 9 countries in one shot gives you a taste of all the big cities plus some hidden treasures, so you know where to go next time! From Amsterdam to Rome to Paris, you won't want to miss a thing. In fact, sleep will probably be the last thing on your mind!

Let the melancholic trill of the Fado Guitar follow you from Portugal's Manueline Lisbon to Baroque Oporto and the sun-soaked beaches of Vilamoura. Wander through the medieval cities of Obidos, Évora and Guimarães, and visit the religious landmarks of Fatima, Batalha and the dramatic Hieronymite Monastery, enjoying a delicious pasteis de nata...

Summer Tour: Visit some of Iceland's most picturesque locations on this 3 day tour of the western and southern parts of the country. Travel through incredible landscapes of lava fields, geothermal hot springs and towering waterfalls.

Travel through landscapes that have inspired world-famous writers & poets. See medieval castles & cathedrals, the famous Chester Rows & Anne Hathaways' cottage. You'll also kiss the Blarney Stone, enjoy a 'wee dram' & visit the birthplace of the Beatles.

Gain fascinating insights into the heritage of the Tsars & spend days seeing the magnificent sights of Moscow, celebrating the indomitable spirit of Mother Russia along the way. You'll also wander through the ancient Baltic capitals of Riga, Vilnius & Minsk & the beautifully preserved streets of Talinn's Haseatic Quarter.

Descend from the Mile High City, into the foothills of the Rockies & through the badlands, canyons & natural arches that give way to ancient clifftop villages & mesas rising up from the red valley floor - a dramatic, exclusive venue for an unforgettable traditional Navajo cookout with new friends

Are cities or mountains more magnificent? It’s a tricky question, but if you’re going to answer it, this tour provides you with best samples of both. You alp yourself to the greatest mountains in the heights of Switzerland, maze through the canals and culture of Venice, and roam through Rome’s pizza-perfect piazzas and sites. The best thing is in...

Go in search of the Northern Lights on our best selling Iceland tour. Departing from October to early April when the Northern Lights are at their best. As well as looking for the aurora borealis, you'll explore waterfalls, get up close with explosive geysers, meet Icelandic horses, dip in the Blue Lagoon & lots more!

Grab your sombrero, poncho and tacos and dive into all that Mexico has to offer.

Ramble up Las Ramblas & through the zesty Iberian peninsula, from Barcelona to Lisbon, Salamanca to Madrid. Enjoy delicious paella in Valencia, see the troglodyte cave dwellings at Guadix and the medieval quarter of Lisbon with its Belém Tower.

Leafy vineyards, majestic mountains, Riviera sunshine, Roman remains & fortified towns, combined with great food & wine, make for an engaging ‘Tour de France'.

Our ultimate Irish adventure! Tour Ireland, north & south, plus Inis Mór (the Aran Islands) hidden away off the west coast. This one has it all — traditional music, stunning scenery, ancient monuments & vibrant towns, plus great craic on the road & at night. This is your chance to see Ireland through Irish eyes. Seven action-packed & fun-filled...

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